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"511" Medicine- Purchasing Assistant

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

In Chinese“511” sounds like “I want medicine”.

In Wuhan, the circulation of medicine is slow and the channels are in disorder.

Therefore it is necessary to design a product to optimize the whole system.

I am in charge of interaction and vision.

By far, we have 35,000 users and a daily bank statement of RMB 1,200,000.


Problem Overview

1. Manufacturers: needs 3-4 pharmaceutical companies for drugs to go to pharmacies.

2. Pharmaceutical companies(suppliers): act as a porter and have low profits.

3. Terminal pharmacy: does not feel good to place an order, and does not have immediate access todiscount information of manufacturers and suppliers.


To set up a platform and serve as a connecting system. To provide channels for manufacturers, to promote profits for suppliers, and to achieve a win-win situation.


The purpose of designing this project is to provide variety and favour for pharmacies in Wuhan to get drugs from suppliers.


I took about 3 weeks to complete this project.

Story Board

With the development of modern system, I want to create a user-friendly product for them.


scene:first login & pay


This assistant and ‘511’ DASHBOARD constitute a complete service system.

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